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 Simple Instructions

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PostSubject: Simple Instructions   Simple Instructions EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 11:54 pm

Basically here at Rapid Reapers we like to reward our players for a good job of following the rules or even doing kind things in-game.

Here is where you will be able to nominate a character in-game that you think will be a good recipiant of Player of the Month.
Simple form of what we are looking for.

Character Name:

Character Faction:

Reason why you think they should be Player of the Month:

Basically if you agree that the person is worthy of this title just click the little plus or press the "Thanks" button you count your vote. When we get all of them together we will choose the top five of those players and make a poll that will run for a week, this does mean that you have to nominate before that week it will be the last week of the month, it will also be a global announcement so you can see it under all the sections.

I will say this here even though I doubt anyone reads this because of all the failures to use this simple structure.
If you want to nominate someone new make a new thread!

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Simple Instructions
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