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 Server wipe

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Server wipe Empty
PostSubject: Server wipe   Server wipe EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 11:26 pm


I have been playing here for about 3 days now and was liking it.


my first concern was that we started to suspect the darks using game glitches that have not been fixed... (e.g when you hit certain bosses the game closes and must be restarted)
now two can play at that game, although there is no Admin on at my time to reset the game so i would just be losing time grinding for my stuff Sad

now the second thing that has made me think "There must be a server wipe" is that i have SS's of GM wanting to give me stuff (i said no, that's cheating) but it made me think....
so what has the darks got from GM's.... how much have they cheated >.>

So now you can see where i am coming from... for me to stay there must be a "Server Wipe"

and not to Admin and GM's.... you are the 1867896589685689689 shaiya server that has been made and we have seen all theses things before.... this is a good way to kill your server.
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Server wipe
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